Who are LTTR?

LTTR are a small team of creatives but we think BIG. We’ve always believed that the best way to do business is one-to-one. By nurturing relationships and working closely with you we let our creativity flourish. The destination is important but the pleasure is in the journey. So come with us and let’s make some great work together.


At LTTR relationships matter. Here, we work with photographers to create the aesthetic that suits theirs and their client’s needs. There is always communication between photographer and retoucher so that no subtleties are lost in translation.  Communication is crucial within any project and with this close contact our retouchers can understand the language of the photographer; allowing us to focus on each shoot with the confidence that both their work and their client’s needs are attended to.

Fashion Portfolio


At LTTR communication is key.  When it comes to coordinating information from multiple parties; Photographer, Art director and client, it’s important that all the details are channelled through one person who can keep abreast of the entire job. That’s why our retouchers are the first and only point of contact. No producers, no front of house. Just direct contact with the artist responsible for delivering your job on time and within budget.

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Lee Hickman - Director / Senior Retoucher 

Richard Porter - Senior Retoucher